by on October 22nd 2012

Cat found.


Don’t care.

Good Food

by on October 15th 2012

Can’t argue with that


Black Snap

by on October 9th 2012

12 ounces of pure Oh Snap!


Washed Out

by on October 7th 2012

The Washed Out show was dope. The lighting was great and happened to be quite the opposite of the bands name. It made my iphone cam bug out and I like the result. These photos really represent the vibe of the show.

039_washed_out_1 039_washed_out_2 039_washed_out_3

Fox Face

by on October 1st 2012

Up close and personal


The Golden Knob

by on September 19th 2012

I can see the ad campaign now…

The Golden Knob
Entering a black hole in style.


Grab a Golden Knob,
It’s your turn

That’s interstellar marking bro…


by on September 12th 2012

Check the weight


Comic Inspiration

by on September 5th 2012

I signed up for a Comics class at 3rd Ward this summer to practice my illustration and try something new (a hobby!) The class is taught by Josh Bayer, a very talented comic artist & illustrator.


Image courtesy of

While I skipped a few sessions (terrible student), I still enjoyed his teaching style and creative lessons. One of our homework assignments recently was to take 2 frames from a Popeye or Nancy comic and use them to craft our own stories. I decided to start with Popeye & end with Nancy – check it out below. Lots of fun!